Photo: Gwen Ewart Photography

Laura Prpich is a creative director, illustrator and designer that stumbled into the world of weddings completely by accident (and thankfully so) a few short years ago. She started a design company in 2010 called Caribou Creative after a decade of working for some of Canada's leading advertising agencies.

Her very first client for Caribou was a couple seeking a non-traditional wedding invitation. Laura used her illustrative skills to come up with a large poster design that folded intricately into itself. This concept caught the attention of How Magazine and was published in the following issue.

With the onslaught of couples seeking wedding stationery designs through Caribou Creative, in 2012 Laura decided to separate her business to create a sub-brand called Tuktu Paper Co. (tuk-two: meaning Caribou in Inuit) that is solely dedicated to designing wedding paper goods.

Laura's designs for Tuktu Paper Co. have been featured by some of the wedding industries leaders and she has won a handful of awards for her accomplishments.

Currently residing in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Laura continues to Art Direct at Caribou and design at Tuktu. She is excited to share her online shop of goods and produce select custom orders for her clients. Made with love galore.